History of individual and team sports, practice in basic skills necessary for chosen sports, application of sport in daily physical activities.

Collecting and analysing accounting data for the managerial tasks, costing concepts for efficiency and effectiveness administrative planning, control and decision making, utilization of financial statement in order to analyse financial positions and result of operations, the effect of price adjustment on financial statements, costing concepts and budget preparation for managerial planning control and decision making, key process indicators and critical success factors.

Seminal and current theoretical paradigms and management practices in international business, focusing on international, national and regional environments, and businesses and organisations.

Concepts and theories of marketing, the nature and scope of marketing, marketing strategy, marketing system, marketing environment analysis, marketing ethics, marketing information system, marketing research, consumers behaviour analysis, market segmentation, market targeting, market positioning, product strategy, pricing, distribution channel management, retailing, wholesaling, integrated marketing communication, advertising, public relation, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, customer relationship management, global marketing.